Will hemorrhoids go away

Will hemorrhoids go away?

The short answer is YES, they can go away without treatment. I will go more in depth because there are some factors to take into consideration whether or not hemorrhoids will go away.

Hemorrhoids can appear internal and external. Medical treatment usually isn’t needed, especially with external hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can go away by themselves. It is however very important to apply good hygiene. This reduces the risk your hemorrhoids will get infected.

If you are on the road a lot (truckers, sales guys…) you can use hemorrhoid wipes. If they are itchy, you can sooth them with ointment or gel.


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What are hemorrhoids?

First, let’s quickly discuss what hemorrhoids are and how you get them. Hemorrhoids are unpleasant and painful swollen veins at the lower part of your rectum, it’s tissue filled with swollen veins that expand. Hemorrhoids can develop internally. You develop blood loss without a clear cause where this blood comes from. Hemorrhoids can also protrude and in that case, we call them external hemorrhoids.

How do they form?

To make sure we can hold our poop, and to prevent odors from escaping the anal canal closes up and creates an air and watertight barrier. To perform these functions requires a lot of veins and blood vessels. When your poop is thicker than normal for an extended period of time, you will need to “push” more when on the toilet. During this pushing, a lot of pressure is applied o the veins and blood vessels. This can cause them to gradually expand over time. If you have cardiovascular issues or tissue weakness you can develop hemorrhoids without any cause or trigger. Pregnancy also increases the risk of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid symptoms:

The main symptom of hemorrhoids is the presence of bright red blood on the toilet paper after wiping. If the blood is darker in color, this is an indication that you are bleeding somewhere inside your intestines. This usually means it’s not hemorrhoids. At a later stage, you can also notice that the rectum bulges slightly and you start to experience itching and a burning sensation as a result of the effects of your poop passing while going to the toilet. Moreover, the presence of hemorrhoids can cause that you constantly have the feeling that you need to go to the toilet to poop. But in reality, it is the hemorrhoids that press on the anus.

If the abovementioned symptoms arise immediately after a very difficult visit to the toilet, they can also be the result of anal fissures or cracks, which can be effectively treated with a healing and cooling ointment.

Will hemorrhoids go away?

Yes, treatment for hemorrhoids is not always necessary. Especially, external hemorrhoids can disappear within a few weeks. To make hemorrhoids go away and not requiring medical intervention, it is important to try not to squeeze when sitting in the toilet. This can only aggravate the problem. In addition, it is important not to scratch your bottom too much and to maintain good hygiene. You should thoroughly clean the anus with water after every toilet visit to minimize the risk of inflammation as a result of the effects of your poop…

If the condition remains persistent, medical intervention may be necessary. A commonly used method to treat hemorrhoids is to bind the tissue with an elastic band after which the hemorrhoid dries out and releases itself within a few days.

Encourage recovery: strawberry wipes

Because it’s not always possible to clean the anus with water after every visit to the toilet, you can also choose to use strawberry wipes. These are wipes that are impregnated with a number of active substances including vitamins, hamamelis and others that offers some cooling. You can carry the wipes discreetly with you so that you will always have them with you when you are at work or on the road. NEVER use toilet paper.

Reduce itching hemorrhoids with ointment

Because hemorrhoids can start to itch very quickly, you tend to scratch, it’s a natural reaction. This feeling often gets worse in bed at night. To prevent this itch you can use a cooling ointment or gel. If you find it unpleasant to have to apply the ointment with your finger, you can also opt for a hemorrhoid spray or gel. With internal hemorrhoids, you can choose to use special hemorrhoids suppositories. These suppositories have an itch and analgesic effect and also have a disinfecting effect.

Nutrition and Diet

Let’s talk about nutrition because what you eat can greatly affect whether your hemorrhoids will go away.

Prevent constipation by following a fiber-rich diet. Meals and snacks should consist primarily of vegetables, fruit, nuts and whole grains. Limit processed foods and meat. If this is a big change for you, introduce new foods slowly to prevent gas.

If you are unable to eat enough fiber-rich foods, supplement your diet with specific resources such as fiber supplements. Avoid laxatives, which can cause diarrhea and further aggravate the irritation of the veins.

Fiber-rich diet: Fibers remain in the stool, attract moisture and therefore create a soft mass. They can be found in brown bread, brown rice, legumes, vegetables (including lettuce), and fruits.

Regular exercise: Sports have a beneficial effect on stools. Going to school or to work by bike and taking the stairs instead of the elevator helps a lot without taking up to much time. (depending on your distance to work, you can cut your commute in half if you travel by bike)

Drink at least seven to eight glasses of water a day: If you are very active or live in a warm climate, you may need to drink more water. Contact your doctor about your fluid needs if you have medical problems or are taking medication.

PRO TIP: Check your sodium intake. An excess of salt in the diet ensures that you retain moisture, leading to swelling in the veins, including hemorrhoids.

So there you have it and to answer your question, will hemorrhoids go away? Yes, they will in a lot of cases and if you follow the guidelines

Do you suffer from painful hemorrhoids?  

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